Nude Casino Dealer Put To Prison


A nude casino dealer has been jailed for six months for stealing chips worth $3,200 from a man who wanted to play sexy baccarat.

The 22-year-old Singaporean dealt the cards naked except for a pair of red stilettos as she cheated at gambling machines in Sentosa’s M Casino, the court heard.

She was employed as a dealer with an agency that provided foreign dealers to casinos and restaurants on Sentosa Island.

Police investigations led officers to a service apartment, where they found the nude pokie cheat changing her clothes after getting home from work.

They found the chips in her bag.

Prosecutors told the court that

“The nude defendant claimed she had been wearing a body stocking when she committed the crime, which was untrue,”

He said nude casino dealers are required to wear stockings or leggings when they deal playing cards during nude pokie games so that their private parts will not be exposed accidentally and to facilitate easy removal of any stains on their bodies.

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