Are Online Casinos Legal?


Gambling is considered a bad thing in some countries and cultures. This attitude has made many people before question whether or not gambling is legal. Another reason why people are confused is that there is a difference in legality depending on where you gamble.

In this article, we will end the confusion and give you the answer to whether or not it is legal to play online casino games.

Country & State Law

Depending on which country or state you come from, playing in landbased casinos can be illegal. To find out more about the legality of it in your specific location, you should check with an attorney.

However, country and state law does not regulate the use of the internet. If online casinos are illegal in your state or country, they will simply avoid setting up offices and hosting there. If the hosting and headquarters are located in a place that online casinos are legal, you are technically playing in that place, even though you are at home.

The conclusion is that if your country or state prohibits casinos, you won’t be able to play in land-based casinos within the borders. However, local laws have no authority over the internet or other states.

Answer: Yes, online casinos are legal.

Licensing & Regulations

Although online casinos are legal, there is one more thing you have to know. For them to become legal, they need to have their headquarters in a country that gambling is legal and they need to be regulated through a gambling licensing system.

The casinos on our page are located in Curacao, simply because they allow the combination of casino gameplay and nudity. They are also regulated by the Gaming Commission of Curacao.